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What’s an online loan and how to get one

An online loan makes it faster, easier and safer than ever before to get the cash you need when you have an emergency expense.

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5 ways online loans made life easy in 2020

Just like online shopping, online loans have been around for a while, but this year the benefits of borrowing from a trusted online lender are more obvious than ever before.

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Ultimate USSD

USSD app and new branches make life easy for clients in Tanzania

Ultimate Finance, the Unifi Group’s business entity in Tanzania...

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Unifi Credit Uganda

First steps into Uganda

We believe in the potential of the African continent and its people, and have...

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Unifi partners with Pep Zambia

We’re excited to announce that Unifi loans are now available at Pep...

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Unified by our new brand identity

Dunami, our short-term online loans offering in South Africa, and Unity Finance...

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Gouws du Plessis

Unibos will soon be making life easy for Unity Finance

Unifi’s world-class operating system, Unibos, will go live in Zambia on...

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